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15. CODE AMENDMENT 2022-0004 (ORDINANCE NO. 1528) – DENSITY BONUS UPDATE (INTRODUCTION AND FIRST READING) This Project is a City-initiated request to amend Chapter 1 (Incentives for the Development of Affordable Housing) of Article 9 (Land Use) to bring the Tustin City Code (TCC) into conformance with current State Density Bonus Law (Government Code Section 65915-65918). The State Density Bonus Law provides developers with tools to encourage the development of affordable housing by providing additional density above and beyond the Zoning and General Plan density. State Density Bonus Law also provides developers with incentives intended to help make the development of affordable housing economically feasible. Other tools include reduced parking requirements, and incentives/concessions and waivers of development standards such as reduced setbacks and minimum square footage requirements. On August 9, 2022, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution 4455 (Attachment A), recommending that the City Council adopt Ordinance No. 1528, approving, CA 2022-0004. The Planning Commission Minutes from August 9, 2022, are provided as Attachment B for additional reference.

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