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12. CODE AMENDMENT 2022-0002 (ORDINANCE NO. 1524) – (CODE STREAMLINING AND IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM) (INTRODUCTION AND FIRST READING) This Project is a City-initiated request to amend Tustin City Code (TCC) Article 3 (Business Regulations), Article 5 (Public Safety) and Article 9 (Land Use). The City’s Strategic Plan identifies development streamlining as one of its goals. The proposed Code Amendment (CA) 2022-0002 is part of the Community Development Department’s new Code Streamlining and Improvement Program. The goal of the Code Streamlining and Improvement Program is to evaluate the City’s land use code and propose amendments to sections that lack clarity, outdated, or do not respond to current market trends. The proposed CA also streamlines the entitlement process in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency. The Community Development Department will continue to evaluate land use related codes and practices on a regular basis and will introduce amendments when appropriate in the future. On May 24, 2022, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution 4452 (Attachment A), recommending that the City Council adopt Ordinance No. 1524, approving, CA 2022-0002. The Planning Commission Minutes are provided as Attachment B for reference.

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