Meeting Time: August 17, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

4. APPROVE COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT WITH THE CITY OF ORANGE FOR THE TUSTIN AVENUE/ROSE DRIVE CORRIDOR TRAFFIC SIGNAL SYNCHRONIZATION PROJECT (PROJECT P) Staff is requesting that the City Council approve Cooperative Agreement with the City of Orange for implementation of the Tustin Avenue/Rose Drive Corridor Traffic Signal Synchronization Project. Engineering and construction will be performed in collaboration with the Cities of Orange, Anaheim, Placentia, Santa Ana and Yorba Linda. The City of Orange will take the lead in implementing the project. Work will be performed under the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Competitive Measure M2 Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program (Project P). Within the City of Tustin, the project includes the existing traffic signals on Tustin Avenue at First Street. Because of the proximity and the key role in optimal traffic flow along Tustin Avenue specifically at the Santa Ana intersection of Tustin Avenue and Fourth Street, the Fourth Street/Irvine Boulevard interchange with SR-55 Freeway has been identified as part of the project. Likewise, due to its close proximity to the interchange, the intersection of Yorba Street at Irvine Boulevard in the City of Tustin has also been included in the project. This differs from the previous synchronization study in 2012-2014 in that OCTA now recognizes the importance of adding nearby locations into the study to achieve synchronization along the Tustin Avenue/Rose Drive corridor.

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